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Whether you're a beginner or seasoned professional, this 101 day course will expose you to strategies and best practices used by some of the most successful SDRs/BDRs in tech.

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In the last decade, we've trained thousands of motivated students to become SaaS sales professionals in an effort to help jumpstart their career in tech sales. You can now get access to the same REVGEN program for significantly less than the cost of a daily coffee. So, if you're looking to enhance your prospecting skills or land a job at a big tech company but don't have experience yet, sign up today.


John Rosar

CEO- REVGEN Startup Growth 📈 John Rosar is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for people and team building. He firmly believes that leadership is a privilege that comes with the responsibility of providing effective training, both in sales and leadership, while fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. With a wealth of experience in the startup industry, John has played a pivotal role in the success of three notable ventures: ShareFile, SaleSource, and REVGEN.

Our Students’ Thoughts on REVGEN

“REVGEN delivered some of the best training I could have asked for. ”

Jacob Smith

“My Career in Tech Sales would have never been as successful if I didn't take the first step with REVGEN. Greatest decision I ever made! ”

Abby Keith

“REVGEN taught me the importance of focusing on moving forward in both, tough times and success. Never stop questioning, tweaking, adjusting & improving ”

Amelia Caldwell

“I learned how to overcome objections and break the frame particularly well at REVGEN, which has helped me a ton as an Account Executive. If a prospect says that they don't have to talk, and you say, ' I get it- How about you give me 30 seconds and if I'm irrelevant just hang up on me... is that fair?' - they almost always give you the time of day for being bold"”

Gideon Dehaney

“I would recommend REVGEN's training to anyone that is interested in software sales. It sets you up with the foundation to be successful in SaaS sales.”

Corey Phuse

“What I learned through REVGEN's training program has been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. After I graduated from college, I didn't have much of a plan. Fast forward only one year and I am in a place I never thought I'd be! I owe all my success to REVGEN!”

Frankie Like- Matthews

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